LTG R.L. Esmay教育中心


A premier Joint Training Center needed updating and expansion.

新的LTG R. L. Esmay教育中心 facility supports the 怀俄明 Military Department’s position as a premier Joint Training Center with more than 78,000 acres of maneuver and training ranges and 64 square miles of air space, all of which provides for combined arms training using multiple scenarios over varied terrain. The new center supports all manner of training and operations for all state and federal missions, including Camp Guernsey’s mission to facilitate realistic combat training for current and future American warfighters. The site layout adheres to UFC 4-010-01 Department of Defense Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings.

The facility celebrates its namesake and military history.

Lieutenant General Esmay was responsible for obtaining the appropriation for the establishment of the outstanding military training area at 怀俄明州的根西营. The General Instruction Building project includes design and construction of a specially designed, +110,000 square feet of new facilities that not only accommodate the daily operations of the WYMD 213th Regiment RTI but also serves the local community with mixed-use public spaces (160-seat auditorium, 教室空间, 等.). The project also includes design and construction of a new 400-person dining facility and a 110-bed, 两层兵营. The facilities celebrate the military history of Camp Guernsey with exterior features that consider the adjacent historic buildings on the cantonment and through the creation of both exterior and interior spaces that showcase military equipment and materials.

A cooperative effort maintains the integrity of a historic district.

With plans for constructing state land and a design that meets all applicable local, 州和联邦建筑规范, 澳门足彩app and the 怀俄明 State Historic Preservation Office ensured that the integrity of the historic district, 根西军营区, 是维护. The exterior aesthetics of the three new buildings are compatible with the existing buildings on the Cantonment: Low-sloped and flat roofs (GIB) and sloped, 沥青瓦屋顶(DFAC和铺盖), cultured stone veneer base wainscot with light brown and tan stucco colors above.

  • 72,166平方尺通用教学楼
  • 12,065平方英尺,400人用餐设施
  • 26524平方英尺,110个床位的兵营
  • 集会和大型礼堂空间
  • 教室/培训领域
  • 淋浴/更衣室
  • 体检室
  • 核武器库
  • 重要的通信基础设施
  • 办公室/行政区域
  • 反恐/武力保护
  • 设计为LEED®银级(v. 2009)可保证的
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  • Civil design encourages use of low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Parking spaces spaces provided for exclusive use of car pool vehicles
  • Storm water design that both reduces the quantity of water that leaves the site as well as improves the quality
  • High efficiency plumbing fixtures to reduce water use by over 45% from the baseline
  • High-performing mechanical equipment and use of materials with very good insulating properties
  • 材料含有至少10%的可回收成分
  • 尽可能在500英里范围内采购材料
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